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Wednesday, July 13 2011 @ 01:10 PM Central Daylight Time

Contributed by: bcbrock

Whether exporting data from PowerSchool to be imported into another software program, or generating the ITBS/ITED Bar Code Extract, we need to associate a specific teacher with each student.

Depending on each specific purpose, the teacher may or may not actually be the students' home room teacher.

That is why, in the Muscatine Community School District, we require data to be kept in two fields:

  1. home_room - The actual, current, home room teacher. Used for easily exporting to other programs.
  2. IA_ClassTeacherName - The teacher name that is included in the ITBS/ITED Bar Code Extract for ITBS/ITED labels. (At some of our schools, the student's Advisor is the preferable name to use).

There are multiple ways of populating these two fields, including manually typing in the correct values on a per student basis, selecting groups of students and setting the value with the Student Field Value group function, or by importing the data. Each of these methods have drawbacks - namely, the amount of effort and length of time involved in setting accurate, consistent values.

In addition, it is sometimes easy to forget to update these two fields after transferring a student from a different school. If not properly maintained, schools may wind up with several student records with the name of a teacher from their previous school.

That is why I've created a custom page for PowerSchool that greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to set these values, and helps to ensure accurate, consistent data has been recorded.

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Pictured below is Version 1 of the Home Room Synchronization Tool. This custom page for PowerSchool will list each student, and which teacher they have for Home Room. It also shows the current value recorded for both the home_room student field, and the IA_ClassTeacherName field. With a simple click of a button, the name of the home room teacher from the student's current course enrollment record is copied into the other two fields. Once the values have been copied, submitting the page will commit the values to the database.

The only thing that must be done prior to using this page is to ensure that each student has a current enrollment in Home Room, or any other course specified in the page's tlist sql statement.

* Verified on modern versions of IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

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