Special Programs

Friday, December 03 2010 @ 09:23 AM Central Standard Time

Contributed by: bcbrock

During the month of December, 2010, I would like to begin using a feature called "Special Programs" in PowerSchool to track student participation in sports, clubs, and other activities. We have been tracking these student groups using the "Activities" feature, but have discovered that PowerSchool keeps no historical record of which "Activities" a student has participated in past school years. As you can imagine, this makes it quite difficult to ascertain participation data for previous school years.

Fortunately, the "Special Programs" feature does keep historical records, so it makes sense to transition our record keeping to it. This article describes how to accomplish the basic tasks of:

  1. Adding a single student to a Special Program
  2. Adding a group of students to a Special Program
  3. Retrieve a list of names of those students currently participating in a Special Program
At the end of this article is a brief video demonstrating how to work with Special Programs.

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Creating A New Special Program

  1. Please fill out a Tech Ticket, indicating what the name(s) of the new special program(s) should be.

Adding A Student To A Special Program

  1. Select the student
  2. Click the "Special Programs" Link
  3. Click the "New" button
  4. Specify Entry Date, Exit Date, and Program.

    Please see note below regarding Entry and Exit Dates

  5. Click Submit

Exiting A Student From A Special Program

  1. Enter an appropriate date in the 'Exit Date' field of the Special Program Enrollment Record.

    Note: Do not DELETE a Special Program Enrollment Record unless the student really was not a participant.

Add Several Students Into A Special Program

  1. Select the group of students to be enrolled into the special program
  2. Click the "Mass Enroll Special Program" link, located on the Group Functions page. You may need to navigate to it by clicking the "Special Functions" link on the left side of the page, and then clicking the "Group Functions" link.

    Start Page > Special Functions > Group Functions > Mass Enroll Special Program

  3. Select the desired Program name, Entry Date, and Exit Date, then click submit.

    Please see note below regarding Entry and Exit Dates

Get A List Of Students In A Special Program
  1. From the Start Page, click the "Special Functions" link
  2. Click the "Special Program Enrollment" link
  3. Click the "Display" link next to the desired Special Program name.

A Note Regarding Entry And Exit Dates
For most things, use an entry and exit date that fall within the current school year. You may use the first and last day of school, or the first and last day of a sporting season. If the exit date is left blank, PowerSchool will continue to show the student as active in this program in future years.