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Current Grade Display   
Monday, November 22 2010 @ 01:41 PM Central Standard Time
Contributed by: bcbrock


Maintaining the Current Grade Display configuration is vital to ensure that PowerSchool is accurately displaying and calculating grades for the current term. It controls which grades and assignments are viewable on the Parent Portal, the grades shown on the Quick Lookup screen in the Admin portion of PowerSchool, and which grades, assignments and attendance data are emailed home to the parents automatically. This page should be updated at the end of each grading term.

Click 'Read More' below to continue...

From the Start Page, click the 'School' link, then click 'Current Grade Display'. The following form displays:

Abridged version:

  1. Change the most recent term from 'Gradebook' to 'Historical (stored)'.
  2. Change the 'Current Grade' field to match the term code of the term that is currently in session.

Detailed Version:

The fields labeled Column 1 through Column 6 control the Quick Lookup page in PowerSchool Admin. Typically, these would coincide with your schools' final grades. In this case, the school has 4 quarterly final grades. Another example may use only 3 fields for 'S1', 'S2', and 'Y1'.

For each of these columns, you must tell PowerSchool if it will display the grade as it exists in the teachers' gradebooks, or as it exists in stored grades. For terms that are currently in progress, or are later in the year, this value should be set to 'Gradebook'. Once a term is over, this value should be changed to read 'Historical (stored)'.

The next field, 'Current Grade', should contain the term code of the term currently in session. For example, if Quarter 1 has ended, type 'Q2' in this field. If your school is on semesters and semester 2 is currently in session type 'S2' here.

Muscatine Schools is currently not using Citizenship grades, so do not check this box.

Muscatine Schools is not using standards at this time (with only a minor exception), so ensure the box labeled 'Hide standards grades in Parent Access' is marked.

The final field controls the data that appears on the Public Portal for parents. If left blank, PowerSchool will default to the current term. This is what we want, so please leave this field blank.

Click the submit button to save your configuration changes.

At the end of each term, you should come back to this page to make the necessary configuration changes.

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