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Tuesday, November 09 2010 @ 07:49 AM Central Standard Time

Contributed by: bcbrock

Introducing PowerTeacher Mobile for the iPadô!

One of the fastest growing classroom management solutions is now available for the iPad. With PowerTeacher Mobile, teachers are no longer constrained to their desk or laptop when using the gradebook. They can record student scores and make observations about student progress from individual student desks, the gym, playground, at a sporting event or while on a field trip.

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Q: Can students or parents download PowerTeacher Mobile and access a teacherís gradebook?
A: No. Only the teacher assigned to a section can use PowerTeacher Mobile for that section. Teachers access their classes with the same user name and password they use to log in to PowerTeacher.

Q: Will assignments and scores created in PowerTeacher Gradebook automatically appear in PowerTeacher Mobile?
A: Yes

Q: Will assignments and scores created in PowerTeacher Mobile automatically appear in PowerTeacher Gradebook?
A: Yes

Q: Will scores entered in PowerTeacher Mobile automatically update final grades?
A: Yes.

Q: Will updates in PowerTeacher Mobile appear for parents and students in real-time?
A: Yes.

Q: Can teachers open both PowerTeacher Gradebook and PowerTeacher Mobile simultaneously?
A: No. If a teacher launches PowerTeacher Mobile while running PowerTeacher Gradebook, the teacher will be prompted to terminate the previous PowerTeacher session.

Q: I try to log into PowerTeacher Mobile, but my user name and password are not accepted.
A: Check that you have the right school / district selected. If you are also not able to log into PowerTeacher, then ask your system administrator to reset your password.

Q: Where do I see Final Grades, and other features PowerTeacher Gradebook currently has?
A: PowerTeacher Mobile 1.0 is focused on scoring assignments. Additional PowerTeacher Gradebook features will be added in a later release.

[UPDATE: 10/20/2011]

After upgrading to Version 7.0 of PowerSchool, PowerTeacher Mobile for iPad stopped working. As of today, we have it up and running again!

If you used the program last year, you will need to update a setting. If you are installing the app for the first time, the correct information will be obtained from the server automatically.

To update your settings, first, touch the 'Settings' button that appears on the Login Screen. Next, touch the 'Server' link down the left side of the window. Change the Port Number to '443', and make sure that the SSL Enabled option is ON.

Touch the 'Login' button in the upper left corner of the window. You can now log into the program!